Autism – “Hear Me Now” Program

Our program assists school-age children, teenagers, and young adults who live with autism.  It is intensely focused on emerging evidence that technology – specifically the use of the iPad & its targeted applications – GREATLY improves communication skills & learning abilities for individuals with autism.


A large number of children with autism have limited or NO verbal communication skills. We partner with schools, parents, and individuals to teach children with autism how to communicate, through technology.

We deploy & use iPads, directed applications, and “best practices” gained from our innovative collaboration meetings with teachers and administrators, so that children with autism can: experience communication, improve visual & cognitive skills, increase learning, and discover their individual strengths & talents.

To see our program in action, please view our video:


As a result of our program, children with autism can begin to chart a course for adult employment, and aim to lead more productive, independent lives.

Since our program launch in 2013, we have been able to:

  • Enroll hundreds of students from four schools in NJ and NY into iPad Learning Labs. Results have been miraculous:
    • Students’ vocabulary increases significantly in the first several weeks
    • Students are more ‘available for learning’ and have a higher level of class participation
    • Opportunities for discovery have increased
    • iPads help combat attention-deficit
    • Students interact more with non-autistic peers
    • Children increase their chance to be productive, gain independence, and experience a higher “quality of life”

    We have also been able to:

  • Sponsor quarterly forums where executive leaders from schools with differing learning ideologies collaborate to develop “best practices” and guide the evolution of “Hear Me Now.”  Through these discussions, GHN Board members and Autism executives identify opportunities to invest in new technological teaching innovations, such as video modeling to support employment. 
  • Sponsor quarterly forums where teachers from multiple schools collaborate to share learning techniques and experiences with various iPad applications to advance the iPad learning labs
  • Enable a child with autism to become an “Advocate for the Voiceless,” and a proponent of technology and iPad communication by participating in live iPad communication demonstrations for our partners and our gala attendees.

In addition to these achievements, we have also brought insight, comfort, and hope to the families & siblings of children with autism. Insight to understand that their loved ones are intelligent, possess unique personalities, and are capable of advanced learning. Comfort that their loved ones can express their needs, wants, and desires easily and expertly through the use of technology. Hope that their sons, daughters and siblings will be able to use technology to gain specialized skills, so that they can potentially gain adult employment and experience a higher “quality of life.”


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