What exactly is Hear Me Now?

Hear Me Now is a project of the Giving Hope Network, a 501(c)3-approved charitable foundation with multiple goals related to health and human services.  The Hear Me Now project is an effort to assist people who are coping with ASD, especially school-age children, teenagers, and young adults.

How will Hear Me Now help children and adults with ASD?

gil-help-typing-ipadThe project is establishing partnerships with various organizations, corporations, and individuals who share its commitment to improve the lives of people with ASD.  Tactics include working with school partners by donating free iPads, establishing protocols for iPad use, and creating feedback mechanisms that will quantify students’ progress. Partners other than schools—such as Rotary clubs, charitable foundations, and individuals—are solicited for financial donations or contributions of materials (e.g., iPad cases) that will further the project’s goal.

Will the project help people with ASD find employment?

Yes. One of our future goals is to develop employment opportunities, especially for young adults who reach the age of 18 and are no longer able to benefit from school-sponsored ASD support.

How many iPads will the project donate?

The present plan is to donate 10,000 iPads.

How will these iPads be paid for?

Hear Me Now is actively soliciting volunteer donors to finance its many projects, including free iPads.

Are free iPads the main focus of Hear Me Now?

No. The iPads are an important tactic, and we are confident that they will transform many lives.  But forming active partnerships with schools, other organizations, and individuals in support of people with ASD is the more comprehensive strategy of the project.

What is the potential of people with ASD?

jeff-ipad-it-changed-my-lifeHear Me Now is committed to enhancing the life experience of people with ASD, whose potential trajectory from nonverbal to verbal and eventually employable has been amply demonstrated.  People with ASD are often able to excel in visual skills, math, music, and art.