“Hear Me Now” Partners

Celebrate the Children (CTC) – This state-approved private school utilizes state of the art interventions to serve children with difficulties in relating and communicating, including autism spectrum disorders. The ultimate goal of the organization is to develop children who: Are Well Regulated, Have Healthy Relationships, Have Good Self-Esteem and a Positive School Experience, Have a Strong Sense of Self and Are Independent, Are Happy and in Touch with Their Emotions, Are Independent Thinkers and Problem Solvers, and Are Prepared Emotionally, Socially, Behaviorally, Academically and Vocationally to Live Successful and Happy Lives.

Spectrum 360 – Comprised of two NJ State of Education private schools approved for the disabled, this nonprofit provides Preschool, Autism, and Behaviorally Disabled programs. The organization provides the highest quality educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with learning, language, and social/emotional challenges to achieve their maximum potential as responsible adults in society. The nonprofit also recognizes and values the individuals’ unique abilities, learning styles and differences, and serves as a leader in promoting innovative educational programs.

The Hagedorn Little Village School – This school is committed to providing the finest educational and therapeutic programs to infants, pre-school and elementary school children with a wide range of developmental delays and disabilities. The school strives to help each child they serve achieve their highest potential – educationally, emotionally and socially – by creating a nurturing environment for the child and a supportive framework for families.

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