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Don Amoruso
Board of Trustees

Don Amoruso is a member of our Board of Trustees. Don facilitates the technological strategy that enables the intersection of our Partners’ needs with the continually growing GHN Network of help.

Don’s passion lies in finding scalable and self-sustainable ways for humanity to nurture and empower a culture of helping anyone in need in any way they can.

Professionally, Don is president and CEO of DMA Associates, LLC; a mid-sized management advisement and software company. He brings 22 years of experience as a senior executive advisor to large and small businesses. He specializes in advising and guiding organizations through extraordinarily innovative means to increase growth and profitability though leveraging information and technology.

Prior to founding DMA Associates, Don served as Chief Technology Officer at Information Markets Corporation, an award-winning online community knowledge exchange software company. Previously, he headed the Computing Infrastructure Architecture, Planning, and Development group, worldwide, at Merck and Company’s research division.

Earlier in his professional career, Don was a senior staff scientist and engineer at Lockheed-Martin’s Astro-Space Division, responsible for developing spacecraft subsystems for NASA’s space and planetary science missions as well Earth’s Global Positioning System (GPS) program. There, he earned top commendations from NASA for his landmark contributions to space exploration. Don volunteers to NASA’s endeavors in an effort to assist with the advancement of science.

Don holds a B.S.E.E from Manhattan College and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Executive Education program.