Struggling to find charitable support outside of your direct community?

We have found that many charities operate independently, connected to the direct community, but unaware of the potential partnerships, donors, volunteers and other resources that not only compliment each other, but are eager to connect. 

Where Does Giving Hope Network Fit In?​

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Our Mission is to develop shared solutions for large, complex societal challenges by inspiring and mobilizing a passionate and capable community committed to making a big difference in people’s lives.

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Domestic Youth Advocacy

Our Youth Advocacy Initiative will transform lives by providing hope, access to essential needs, communication skills, career skills, increasing employability and providing opportunities to support future generations.

International Youth Advocacy

Transforming lives for more than 25 years, Eleos leverages their experience and leading practices to equip and inspire ‘Nationals’ globally to care for their own orphans and disadvantaged youth.


Our Hear Me Now initiative will transform the lives of those with ASD, to enable them to fulfill their highest potential, including eventual employment as adults.

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We Connect Charities to Resources

Donations, Sponsors, Volunteers and more. Tap into the awesome GHN Network - or join it!

We Provide Charity Consulting

Looking for professional assistance with growing a charity? Our network of consultants can help.

100% Funds Raised Go To Charity

100% of the funds we raise go directly to the cause it is supporting.

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