A Fine End to 2021

A Fine End to 2021

Happy New Year!

2021 was a difficult year for many reasons, but even in these difficult times, we found a way to make an impact through GHN.

So be proud. 

In 2021…

  • We held an introductory kickoff meeting on a new program and turned it into enhancing 100+ children’s lives.
  • We took a set of one-pager powerpoint slides and turned them into $38,000 funds raised (almost double our goal)
  • We took a new concept and turned it into Hope. 

The theme of this year was one of hope & creation. Together we made the Rising Stars real, and in doing so, together, we brought a little hope to the world. 

Mallorys event brought in over $6,400 for Autism, of which over 30% of those funds came from brand new sources. One hell of an introductory event to boost our supporter pool. Below are pictures of some of the walkers!

Kloe’s dedication to leverage resources and build out a new partnership at Children’s Beach House to coordinate and fundraise for a complex set of events was critical to the success of our goals. Your events totaled over $23,000 raised and 80 lives enhanced at CBH and the orphanage in Romania. See below some of the many pictures taken of the children we funded over the summer through Cruise for Hope.  Click Here to Watch the Hope Floats Event

Advisors, your wisdom and guidance throughout the year had not just an enormous impact on exceeding our goals, but also to us, as growing leaders. Thank you!!

So be proud, and let’s see what we can do in 2022. 

Thank You,